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Today, The Crenshaw District is Home to A Thriving and Diverse Community of Doctors, Lawyers, Entertainers and Politicians and more. Making advertisements as subtle and seamless as possible is where the money is.
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The Crenshaw District and surrounding communities is considered one of the Richest Areas in Los Angeles. We highlight your goods and services to an ever increasing audience of potential customers.
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To help people connect with your businesses every day in different ways, you need to be everywhere they look, whether that’s online, on a mobile device or in a print directory. If you’re not you’re missing out on a lot of potential business.
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Why Now and Why Here?
Crenshaw, also known as The Crenshaw District,  is a neighborhood and district in the southwestern area of the city of Los Angeles, California.

The Major Shopping Areas are bordered by Chesterfield Square on the east, Hyde Park on the south, View Park-Windsor Hills on the west.

Marketing to these areas allows you to target some of the Wealthiest and Most Affluent Customers in Los Angeles.

Cost Effective Advertising
A commonly cited statistic estimates that the average consumer sees a whopping 300 to 700 ads per day.
No wonder traditional ads – like Billboards Banners and Yellow Pages are less effective than they used to be. So making advertisements as subtle and seamless as possible is Where The Money is Today. That's What We Do!

If You’re Not Listed Online, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business.
Our Small Business Solutions help curious potential shoppers figure out what you have to offer.
To connect with Shoppers Every Day in Every Way, you need to be everywhere they look, whether that’s online, or a mobile device.
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  • Retail Markets

    The Go-To Location for Local Shoppers. You know your business, we know how to acquire potential customers for your business.

  • Growing Population

    Connecting new customers with businesses just like yours. From getting you online to getting you potential customers.

  • Major Development

    Recent Developments will provide significant environmental benefits, economic development and employment opportunities.

  • Established Communities

    You probably know your best customers what they look for. We extend your reach to those customers and solidify the relationship.

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